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Tree & Shrub Care

Plant Health Care

At Messina Lawn Care, our primary concern is developing healthy plants for you! We do this creating conditions that keep your plant’s systems in balance. When your plants are healthy, their natural defenses will tend to protect them from pests and diseases. Our Plant Health Care Program identifies the key plants in your landscape and develops a treatment strategy around their needs

Our Approach to Tree & Shrub Care

We take an approach that emphasizes working with nature instead of fighting nature. At Messina Lawn Care, we see proper culture as the foundation of a healthy landscape. We study your landscape ecosystem. Your garden’s ecosystem is a complex interrelationship among flora, fauna, soil, weather, and other factors. We are aware of climatic factors, such as minimum temperatures, the amount of sun received by various parts of your garden, prevailing winds, seasonal patterns of precipitation, and soils and drainage patterns. This information is essential, because healthy gardens result from carefully matching plants to the habitats in your yard.

As trained environmental horticulturists, we examine your plants for insect, pest, disease and cultural problems that could harm or reduce their aesthetic value and correct them during visits throughout the growing season. When our monitoring indicates that pests require attention, our Plant Health Care system employs an organic based approach to manage them. We do not base our program on calendar dates since they are often ineffective. The development of many disease and insect pests is closely linked to plant phenology–for example, the timing of bud break or bloom. Since these events can occur at different times each year, control products must be applied to correspond to critical periods in the plant’s development if they are to work. Properly timed applications maximize their effectiveness and reduce their potential impact on the environment.

We develop your landscape’s health by providing a continual feeding of nutrients and soil enhancers. With knowledge of your plants, potential problems, and the landscape ecosystem, we have the tools to optimize plant health. We promote total plant health to avoid many problems. Cultural and environmental problems are minimized, and healthy plants are better able to withstand insect or disease damage.

This program is tailor-made for your property and includes some or all of the following services:

Tree & Shrub Care
Tree & Shrub Care

Micro-Nutrient Feeding

The nutrients in our plant fertilizers are chelated, meaning they are instantly available to the plant. Our fertilizer sources are salt and chlorine free, which means safe for the plant and soil. In fact, all our raw materials used in our plant fertilizers are classed as food grade materials!

Horticultural Oil

This selective application of horticultural oil will control scale and the over wintering stage of many insects. The suffocation action of the oil provides an early start to effective insect control.

Insect & Disease Control

A technician will visit your property from April through October to inspect and treat your I & ornamental trees and shrubs using the safest and most advanced methods available.

Deep Root Fertilizer

An organic blend of fertilizer is injected into the root zone to encourage root growth, winter food storage and healthier growth in the spring. Trees compete with your lawn for food and water. An injection of our time release fertilizer with bio-stimulants strengthens the tree and promotes healthy growth.