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Happy Customers

Excellent service. We have been customers of Messina for years and every year our lawn looks great.
Rob Cisler
Messina completes all the steps for weed prevention, core aeration and lawn fertilization. Messina Lawn Care is always professional and completes work in a very timely manner. They leave the bill and any directions needed for care by your door every time. They are very customer oriented and if there was any issues (such as an area they may have missed with the weed and feed) Messina is very prompt to return and complete the task free of charge. Even, an apology for the inconvenience.
Andrew Bradley
We truly appreciate the service we get from Messina Lawn Care over the past 10 years. Our lawn looks the best in the neighborhood. Fertilizer is put down every few months to help with the growth of the lawn and remove weeds. Staff is clean and professional and always check if dog or kids are out and about.
Tony Braca
Messina has been treating my lawn for about 8 years. My lawn is green, healthy and full. I am very pleased with the service they provide.
Jennifer Boston
Fertilizer & weed control. Grub and insect control. Core aeration & seeding. It was a success. The service would notify us via email to let us know when they would be doing applications. Our lawn looks terrific and we actually gave Messina’s number out to friends who are now using him as well.
Joanne Bethel
They provided lawn / turf treatment service through the year, aerated and overseeded in the fall.I paid early in the season for a course of treatments. They came periodically and applied the date-appropriate treatments, without us having to contact them. In the fall they asked whether we wanted overseeding, and since we had some bare spots we went for it this year. While I don’t need to contact them frequently, when I have Mark is very friendly and responsive. Messina has been providing this service for us for several years now, and unless something changes I plan to continue using them.
Marc Kauffman
They do treatment for fertilizing and pest control. They are very good! Their treatments are all natural. I have had several other companies that had disappointed me on being punctual, but this company does a really good job. They come, do the job, and I have the bill on automatic payment. They are very nice to deal with. Anytime it looks like there wasn’t enough done, they will come back and redo it.
James Davidson
They take care of my lawn. They are great. I like their honesty and thoroughness. They have good customer service. I’ve had them for over 5 years.
Bill Brady
I’ve been using Messina for years and they are great! I’ve used them for about 15 years. They are very responsible and friendly towards their customers!
Kim Kreston
They helped us most recently with soil remediation. They have always done an excellent job for us. They’re pretty much on an annual contract basis with us and anytime we’ve asked them to come out additionally they’ve been very responsive.
Tom Vetterani
I’ve used their service for years. They come out to keep our lawn healthy including aerating, over-seeding, etc.They are great to work, responsive and always come when they say they’re going to be here. I like that Mark doesn’t push for unnecessary services and find him to be honest with not over-selling. Mark’s wife is lovely to work with on the billing. They make things easy and pleasant there.
Joe Antonio
They provided work throughout the year for us and provided fertilization and seeding most recently.Working with them has been very good. He and his wife have both been great to work with.
Carol Lang
We have been customers for over five years. I like what they do. The work they have done has made a marked difference in our yard. They are always professional, efficient and show up on-time. We are very happy with their service. They are competitively priced and I would recommend them to anyone.
Marge Mohr
They do work year-long for me on my lawn, shrubs and trees. We have been customers of theirs for 12 years. He is a full-service lawn, tree and shrub provider. Mark and his wife provide excellent service and he doesn’t use any harsh chemicals; everything is eco-friendly. His prices are competitive with others. My lawn is a Messina lawn as he did the original seeding.
Jerry Festa