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Mosquito Control

We know that annoying Mosquitoes can ruin your outdoor experience from the moment you set foot in your yard. Aside from the dangerous diseases that mosquitoes carry (West Nile Virus), they also make it almost impossible to enjoy activities outside. Whether it’s a pool party, a quiet evening on the patio, or a backyard cookout, we can protect you with our Mosquito Control services.

Our Mosquito Protection Service comes with our unconditional satisfaction guarantee, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about except how you will be enjoying the great outdoors this summer. You can FIGHT the BITE!

Mosquito Control


Mosquito Barrier

Our licensed technicians will visit your property on an average of every 2-3 weeks, depending on mosquito population, weather, and time of season. Our application methods allow us to create a barrier around all common use/active areas of your property (pools, decks, patios, play areas, etc.)

You can return to using your yard as soon as your technician has finished.

Our Mosquito Protection Barrier is designed to last a minimum of two weeks. Protection can withstand the harshest weather conditions and allows the barrier to remain in effect. We help protect your family from the nuisance and danger of mosquitoes for weeks. The spray kills adult mosquitoes on contact. Then, as incoming pests attempt to feed off your greenery, the residue on the leaves knocks these newcomers dead, too.