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Lawn Service

You can have the lawn that you’ve always wanted

Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful lawn while implementing an environmentally conscious approach. We use the safest products and methods available in the industry. We custom blend our granular fertilizer with organic bio-solids, so we can feed your lawn the healthy way. Our granular materials are proven to be more effective and safer for you, your family, and your pets. Our service will offer your lawn a more precise rate of nutrients, which encourages optimum results in the form of a greener, healthier lawn. We deliver you superior results!

Messina Lawn Services

Our Lawn Services are delivered in 8 visits from March-December and will include all of the following:

Crabgrass Control

  • Safe and effective materials control this unsightly weed. Have you or your current service controlled it? ….WE CAN!
Lawn Service

Organic-Based Fertilizers

  • Feed your lawn the healthy way with our custom granular fertilizer with organic bio-solids.
  • Adds deep rich color to your lawn
  • Slow and consistent release of nutrients
  • Safe around children and pets
  • Won’t “burn” your lawn

Organic Soil Conditioners

  • Improves the health of your soil by stimulating deeper root growth
  • Establishes new colonies of beneficial soil microbes
  • Provides immediate source of organic based nutrients

Weed Control

  • Safe, effective spot weed application controls broad leaf weeds as needed


  • Improves natural decomposition of organic matter & improves color
  • Makes nutrients more available to turf
  • Raises the soil pH

Grub & Surface Insect Control

  • Preventative grub & service insect control provides season long protection

Add-On Lawn Care Services

At times, even the best maintained lawns need something extra. During the course of a season, there are many factors that could cause a special need or problem to arise. In these special cases, Messina Lawn Care will identify the need, and discuss appropriate solution options with you. These include:

Core Aeration

This process of mechanically removing plugs of thatch and soil from your lawn opens up the soil to reduce thatch, soften the soil, improve water filtration and improves root growth.


While our program reduces the reliance on fungicides, even the healthiest lawns may at times develop disease activity. If diseases begin to grow and cause injury to your lawn, we will identify the disease and offer the appropriate solution to limit the damage.

Flea & Tick Control

Simply treating your pet alone cannot control fleas because the eggs are everywhere and will hatch and re-infest your pet. The best way to prevent these types of insects from causing a potential health problem to you and your pet is to let us treat the lawn area where the insects live and lay their eggs. The program rids your lawn of fleas and ticks and prevents their return throughout the season. Each application is guaranteed for 30 days.

Power Seeding

Seeding may be necessary at times due to many factors including neglect, adverse weather conditions and insect and disease damage. You may also want to improve your turf quality by introducing another species or variety of turfgrass to your lawn. We can overseed and improve your lawn with the best seed varieties available.