How Much Does Lawn Care Cost?

So, you want a nice, healthy, thick green lawn.  Cool…who doesn’t?  But what does that cost? Great Question! The answer is….it depends!

It depends on who you deal with. No matter which lawn fertilizing company you work with, there are a few basic things you need to know that will answer the question of How much Does Lawn Care Cost?  I’ll break it down for you so you can get an idea of what you can expect to pay for lawn treatments.

What Affects Your Lawn Treatment Price?

#1. Types of Fertilizer

The types of fertilizer used on your lawn can really vary in quality.  When a company uses a higher quality product, you’ll usually spend a little more for their services.  Most companies use synthetic products at the lowest cost they can find.  These materials may green up a lawn initially but may not be the best solution for long-term results.  Synthetic fertilizers discourage root growth and drought resistance. They damage soil and create a weak root system. Turf becomes more prone to insects, disease and drought.  Synthetic fertilizing the lawn stops beneficial development of soil biology and causes the soil structure to collapse. Damaged soil structure causes these synthetics to eventually move into ground water and potential drinking water contaminants.

Important: Ask your company what types of fertilizer is being used. Is it synthetic? Some say their fertilizer is organic based, but ask what is in it?  Make sure it’s people, pet and planet safe.  I prefer to use a high quality organic based product.  Nutrient-rich organic materials like bio nutrients used in my organic based fertilizers cost more money, but they’re also better for pets, people and the planet.  They enhance soil health by encouraging the soil microbes that help make soil nutrients available to plants.  They also release their nutrients more slowly in the soil, so they last longer.  I have found these fertilizers to deliver our clients results that are safe and predictable.

#2. How Much Grass You Have

A professional lawn service should measure the area of grass to be treated.  This will determine how much material will be needed to treat the lawn.  Some companies visit and use a measuring wheel while others utilize satellite images to measure your lawn.


Important:  You should know the approximate size of your lawn before you shop for a lawn care service.  If you know your lawn’s size, a company won’t be able to base your price on a guess.  I’m old fashioned…I still like to visit the property to see how I can best address each property’s lawn care needs.  Is the lawn in need of seeding, is it shaded, what is the pH, are there gates, can we use ride-on equipment, or do we need hand tools?  All of this information will affect your final service cost.


#3. Labor

Any service person that comes to work on your lawn needs to be paid for their time.  A company’s labor costs are included in the price for services.  A low-priced service can have low cost labor and their poorly paid workers will probably not pay attention to details. That usually leads to unhappy clients.


Important: Ask your service how long their lawn technicians have been with the company. Many low-price companies have a high worker turnover rate.  I prefer to invest in mature, high quality people.  I keep my techs a long time and they are well trained. This benefits you as they take great pride in working on your property


#4. How Many Applications

The number of visits included in lawn care program also affects the cost.  Each visit that takes place can be made up of different of applications.  Many lawn care companies try to trick a client without a full explanation then try to upsell and add-on later. This drives up the cost.  Beware of the advertisements that include a half price 1st application or of lots “FREE” services.  Nothing is free…you know that!


Important:  Always ask lawn care company what’s included in their price.  It’s not always an even comparison when you’re looking at prices.  Before agreeing to any services, make sure you know how many visits and specific applications the program includes.  Ask when these specific visits take place throughout the season.  I prefer our turf care system, which is very comprehensive.  I include everything that you need for healthy turf, so we don’t need to continue to up sell services that are sometimes very critical to the overall health of your lawn.


#5. Additional Treatments (e.g. Grub, Aerations, Lime, etc.)

Additions to your program can add up quickly, making your lawn care package quite expensive. However, several of these applications are vital to the overall health of your lawn, and if not done can undo all the good that you’ve done. You want a service to take care of your lawn, right?  Why should you get a phone call every few weeks to continue to sell you services we already knew you needed?

Important: Make sure your lawn care program includes a full service. Beware of the basic level services that add in costly extras as the season progresses. Ask if nutsedge control and grassy weed control is included.  Is grub control extra?  Many companies charge quite a bit extra for these services. Again, I prefer to include all of this in our lawn care packages.

Who doesn’t love a great deal? But most times a low price means something has to be compromised.  Is it cheap or unsafe products, under qualified labor, or poor customer service?  Going with a cheap, but inferior, service can really ruin your lawn and can become waste of money. As you consider lawn care companies, ask lots of questions. Any good company will always be willing to answer your questions.  The more informed you are, the happier you’ll be with the quality of services you receive.


Average Cost of Lawn Care for Montgomery and Bucks County

Every company is different, but the average lawn care cost in Bucks and Montgomery County should run you around $75 to $90 per service for a 10,000 square foot lawn.  For an eight visit lawn care program, this equates to about $600 – $700 per year.  If you get a price for less, you should ask to see more details about the products used. You will probably find that you get what you pay for and those “free” services” don’t add up to much of anything.  Since the cost of lawn care in Bucks and Montgomery County can differ so much, it’s a good idea for you to be well informed.