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Flea & Tick Control

Protect Your Family & Pets

Fleas and ticks are persistent and potentially dangerous pests. Fleas lay their eggs inside and outside and they hatch over an extended period of time. Simply treating your pet alone cannot control fleas because their eggs are everywhere and will hatch and re-infest your pet. Since they cannot run, hop or fly, ticks spend most of their time on or near the ground, hoping to snag onto something such as your pet or a human sock. The best way to prevent these types of insects from causing a potential health problem to you and your pet is to treat the lawn area where insects live and lay their eggs.

Flea & Tick Control

*What you should expect*
*NO! Pesticides*
*NO! More smelly bug repellent on you or your family *
*NO! More swatting*
*NO! Mosquito & Tick borne diseases around your yard*
*NO! Need for special torches and candles*

*The answer is YES!*
*YES! It works…We guarantee it*
*YES! It’s 100% Organic*
*YES! You can stop spraying poisonous repellent all over you*
*YES! It’s people, pet, and planet safe*
*YES! It’s odor free*
*YES! You can enjoy your yard immediately after our applications*
*YES! It works even if it rains*